Leisure industry

Waste takes a holiday

Ageing systems and complex climate control requirements need not stand in the way of greater efficiency.



Leisure centres and holiday parks offer unique challenges to energy management. Single buildings often require complex multi-condition environments including:

  • High volume ventilation systems
  • Simultaneous heating and cooling across lots of different zones including humid and dry areas
  • Narrow band humidity control
  • Intermittent, high-aspect technical sports lighting along-side office lighting and designer display/feature lighting
  • Great opportunities for renewable integration

Ameresco has the experience and engineering capability to identify and deliver viable energy savings projects within these complex establishments, providing real savings whilst enhancing the customer experience. Our holistic approach, combined with the fact that we are technology agnostic, allows us to implement the most appropriate projects for our clients to the highest standard without being tied to any particular system or equipment. From simple ‘low hanging fruit’ projects to bespoke engineered solutions to site specific problems, Ameresco is your ideal partner to reduce energy costs and consumption in this demanding industry.

Henderson City Hall courtyard at night

David Lloyd Project Identification and energy savings

Looking at multiple sites we have identified over 50 projects to save at least 30% energy per site.

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