Biogas Digesters

Biogas from Anaerobic Digestion, Landfill, Gasification, SynGas

Sustainable sources of methane are everywhere and providing cost benefits to those who utilise them.


Are you using all of your ‘waste’ as effectively as possible? Do you have a process onsite that flushes away an energy-rich resource to the local stream or sewer? Or are you paying to have this removed from site? Are you within a few miles of the local landfill? Are you adjacent to local farmland with an entrepreneur landowner? If so, Ameresco would like to talk to you.

Many sites are not taking advantage of the natural and renewable resources locally available. Instead sites continue to burn expensive fossil fuels and consume ever-increasingly costly grid electricity all while their neighbours are forced to flare gas, dump excess heat and sell electricity to the grid for a fraction of its worth.

Natural gas is about 70-90% methane and is widely considered to be the most efficient fossil fuel, but when that gas is produced and consumed sustainably it can lead to some of the most effective and financially rewarding renewable projects. Biogas is created when organic material decomposes, in a landfill, a gasifier or an AD tank for example, and typically consists of about 50% methane. This gas can be converted and used in many ways: to generate electricity, heat or steam, injected directly into the grid or even used as alternative to vehicle fuel.

Ameresco has expertise in all types of biogas generation and utilisation methods and can pull together and fund the projects that you may not be able to in your local area.

With the UK government paying substantial RHI on heat from renewable sources like Biogas, and paying a significant strike price for the electricity which can also be produced, the benefits of these schemes are clear and the incentive for investors is guaranteed.

In tandem with these are the benefits of locally guaranteed and secure energy generation, not to mention low fuel and power prices no longer linked to the vagaries of LNG and Russia.

Ameresco seeks to enable these projects for local conglomerates to facilitate their power and price security so we can share in the long-term benefits of these types of schemes.


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