Uncovering opportunities with an experienced eye

Significant energy savings potential could be at your fingertips. Surveys by our experienced assessors will help you find them.



It is easy to ignore things which you see every day. How often do you really look critically at your operation to identify energy waste? A survey by an experienced third party is a great way to find energy saving opportunities that would otherwise go unnoticed. At Ameresco, our engineers have a proven track record of using surveys and audits to maximise the identification of the energy saving opportunities available employing the best available technologies.

Our surveys are tailored to meet the specific needs of your operation. We have Registered Lead Assessors under ESOS and are able to carry out audits in accordance with the general principles of EN16247-1 and ISO500002. However, we do not see energy surveys as an end in themselves. Our aim is to make energy savings happen and our implementation teams provide continuous internal feedback to ensure costs and benefits from energy saving measures are realistic. Because of this, we only make recommendations that we know from experience will yield the benefits to your business.


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