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Free White Paper: A Guide to Establishing Audit-Ready Carbon Reporting

Streamlined & Goal-Based Auditable Reporting  

On a pursuit to Net Zero, organisations are increasingly challenged with the important task of establishing a carbon reporting system. In this white paper, we summarise best practices for designing and deploying an audit-ready carbon reporting process.

With carbon targets set for years, or even decades ahead, enterprises must identify how to measure energy intensity, which metrics matter, and how to track them. Off-the-shelf products are typically expensive to begin with and are difficult, costly, and time-consuming to then change.

Download this paper to learn about designing and deploying audit-ready carbon reporting processes for large multi-national businesses in support of their transition efforts towards Net Zero-using Microsoft Office 365 and its Power Platform. Microsoft’s Power BI is part of a move towards low-code/no-code solutions that help address the dilemma for organisations that cannot afford or justify in-house development teams but recognize that general purpose software solutions do not always address their specific needs.

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