Daytime exterior view of the sun setting behind a glass-walled office building


Offices represent a significant proportion of the UK’s built environment. Flexible working means that lighting and heating requirements are being stretched far past the conventional 9 to 5.

Achieving reductions through teamwork

Engage across all parties to reduce energy waste and carbon emissions.

Office spaces are mostly unique; they go through regular extensions, renovations and their function changes over time, which means they are often being used for a purpose for which they were not originally designed. This makes them a continuous challenge from a facility management perspective. For energy managers, there are significant energy savings that can be made, from the low hanging fruit like staff engagement programmes, through to large capital works. Ameresco offers the full suite of energy management services for office spaces and office buildings.

  • Bill validation (electricity, water, gas)
  • Energy surveys
  • Behaviour change programmes
  • Lighting technology upgrades and occupancy sensors
  • Smart computing controls
  • Environmental controls
  • HVAC plant equipment
  • Local energy generation
  • Pay nothing Energy Savings Performance Contracts

At Ameresco, we have a relentless focus on customer satisfaction as your trusted sustainability partner. We work to understand your needs and deliver energy services that add real value to your business.