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Finance Options

Ameresco and its predecessors have sourced and raised more than $1.8 billion of project financing over the past 14 years from various lending sources including Bayerische Landesbank, Bank of America, Capital One, Chase Bank and several other financial institutions.

Project plans become reality

Ameresco can help you identify the most cost effective financing mechanisms for implementing a wide array of energy projects.

Ameresco’s finance professionals have years of experience assisting our customers in identifying the most cost effective financing mechanisms for implementing a wide array of energy projects.

Our finance professionals are well connected in the international lending markets and are able to arbitrage these relationships across borders and are able to provide an independent and transparent bidding process to determine the right financing partner, thereby ensuring the lowest rates available of lending to our customers.

Ameresco’s finance team has also been successful in identifying and implementing financial incentives often available from local, state, and federal sources for energy-efficiency and renewable energy projects.

We will work with you to secure Renewable Obligation Certificates, Feed-in Tariffs, Renewable Heat Incentive payments and other incentives as applicable for each project.

We have a track record of optimising the benefits from generation projects and negotiating with Ofgem, National Grid and local Distribution Network Operators (DNOs) to secure contractual positions.

You have a choice of using funding arranged by Ameresco, through your advisors or by self-funding. Ameresco is well situated to provide this flexibility and is ambivalent to the funding option selected.

Ameresco can help you secure the lowest cost of funds, including all related fees and costs (e.g., legal, due diligence, third party assessment and audit). In addition, Ameresco can support you in managing how onerous the terms and conditions are from a project flexibility and cost of compliance perspective and whether the funder gives confidence that they will work constructively to find solutions to any problems arising.