Staged photograph of a pen and a calculator on a printed spreadsheet of invoice data

Invoice Validation

Ameresco AXIS® InvoiceValidation enables large energy users, including commercial and industrial companies, government offices and institutions to streamline the process of energy and utility invoice validation, providing assurance that they are making the right payments and ensuring that any errors are quickly resolved and credited.

On time payments and invoice accuracy at enterprise scale

We help customers manage the energy needs of large property portfolios using specialist databases and trained staff.

The data we collect also helps identify new opportunities for energy and cost savings during utility bill processing that can help lower utility costs and reduce environmental impact.

The invoice validation service from Ameresco includes the following:

Utility bills for ALL sites collated, analysed and approved for payment by Ameresco

  • No data missed
  • Client management time focused on more important issues

Relevant technical checks applied to base Client data

  • Operational problems proactively identified otherwise not easily detected

Any technical or operational failures identified, investigated and resolved by enthusiastic and knowledgeable staff

  • Only accurate and valid bills are paid, improving cash flow and financial reporting
  • Client always has access to dedicated experience in a fast changing market

Robust database software and efficient data handling

  • Integrity of Client data assured

Timely, accurate and sensible reporting

  • Allows management to focus on the Key performance indicators only

Dedicated relationship team

  • One point of contact for any utility related issue

We work closely with all parties to quickly resolve queries and recover savings

Our approach is to work in close partnership with all parties involved in the process. In our experience this results in a greater spirit of cooperation, in issues being identified earlier and resolved quicker and, consequently, a better service delivered. We will appoint an Account Manager to manage the assignment on a day-to-day basis and to co-ordinate and prioritise the activity required to achieve the desired results.

Our database systems collect and store energy data in one place

We use specialist systems such as Axis and SystemsLink to store energymanagement data for your property portfolio. Typically these include:

  • Meter Point Administration Numbers (MPANs) for electricity and Meter Point References (MPRs) for gas
  • Meter Serial Numbers
  • Site electrical data such as kVA and voltage levels
  • Metering data: manually read meters or electronic half hourly data
  • Invoice data

You can quickly access years of historic consumption and cost data from us, giving you the ability to analyse your site’s usage and cost over time and accurately measure the impact of your energy efficiency programmes. In addition, having all your energy data in one place makes it easier to comply with your reporting obligations under the CRC-EES and ESOS.

We provide a number of utility management reports

We can help you with creating bespoke reports tailored to the needs of your organisation. These need to be understandable, directed to the right people, produced to a sensible timescale, accurate and, above all, relevant. Some of the reports we create include:

Year-on-Year Reporting

We provide year-on-year comparisons of billed utility consumptions and costs. As a standard format, this can include one page overall site reports, monthly league tables of the 10 worst performers for each utility measured by this year variance against last year, shown in kWh/m2 of floor area.

Accrual Costs

For each accounting period, we will provide you with accrual costs for each utility on a site-by-site and grouped basis. The accruals will take full account of missing bills, undercharges etc. so that the figures are not just a projection of values from “last bill received”, as is common practice. Any known changes, such as closures or openings and revisions in tariff rates will be taken into consideration when calculating these costs.

Utility Budgets

Each year, we will provide you with budget costs and consumptions for all specified utilities on an annual, period-by-period, site-by-site and grouped basis. In our experience we have found it sensible to concentrate initially on establishing annual and seasonal usage profiles for each site, using historical data altered to take account of known or possible changes in either equipment or patterns of operation.

For new sites, we build up consumption profiles by reference both to existing premises and to the size, type of use and proposed equipment of the new ones. Finally, we cost out the consumptions at prices determined either according to market trends or known re-negotiated rates.

Half-Hourly Electricity Reports

We will produce monthly reports on all sites for which half-hourly data is collected and these will be sent to you, along with comments on any anomalies identified and suggested remedial actions.

Exception Reports

A range of exception reports will be provided on a monthly basis and a popular one shows the “worst 10 performing” sites and this can be tailored to your requirements. A narrative of specific problems to show where further investigation or site action is required will accompany these reports.

Progress Meetings

An essential element of the assignment relationship is regular dialogue. We have found that substantive reviews and discussions on progress at suitable intervals are invaluable and would suggest that such meetings are held at your premises on a six monthly basis.

Data Access

The Group will be provided with internet based on-line access to our database to support the ongoing monitoring and targeting of site information.