Interior view of pipes and generators in a central plant at an Eastman Chemical facility

Energy Procurement

We offer a comprehensive end-to-end energy purchasing and procurement service for industrial and commercial customers, working closely with in-house procurement teams to provide the technical and specialist capability needed to achieve their strategic objectives. Utilities covered by our service include gas, electricity and water.

Purchase gas and electricity: Procurement services

Ameresco works closely with procurement teams to provide technical and specialist support when negotiating and evaluating energy contracts.

As an energy broker, we assist clients in buying gas and electricity for large sites following a negotiation process that combines the rigor of traditional tendering with proven systems to analyse market prices and supplier quotes quickly and accurately. We also support clients manage their water needs as the market opens up.

We provide:

Market Research

Clients receive a daily and monthly market report. We create bespoke briefing notes at times of exceptional market activity. We also create content in the form of reports, presentations and analysis to support procurement teams in information stakeholders and key decision makers in their company.

Mark to Market and Value at Risk (VaR)

We record contract positions on a daily basis to measure, monitor and minimise risk exposures in the energy porfolios under our management. We monitor markets in real time to continually assess the financial impact on our client’s budget and strategy and take quick and appropriate action within pre-defined procurement guidelines.

Decision making support

We operate probability models to “future proof” our clients’ financial exposures, considering a range of factors that influence price movements in the market and combining them with our client organisation’s risk tolerance and appetite. We then create a bespoke risk management model for each client, setting trigger levels and fine tuning decision making tools.

Our approach is to look at how market movements can be made intelligible to inform decision-making in assessing the likelihood of future price movements, set against a combination of economic fundamentals and technical financial analysis to assess the probability of prices, rising, falling or remaining range bound.

The Tendering Process

We work with all major suppliers that meet our client’s counterparty credit requirements, including Npower, Scottish Power, SSE, EON, EdF, GdF, Gazprom, Haven Power, Smartest Energy, Centrica, Dong Energy, OPUS Energy and Total GP.

We are completely independent of all suppliers, and evaluate each offer on a like for like basis.