Concept image for energy procurement shows three large supply pipes, side by side, stretching to the horizon

European Procurement

Ameresco’s energy procurement service in Europe supports multinationals that face higher energy and carbon costs as European energy markets integrate and liberalise. We help companies put in place pan-European contracts, ideally with a single supplier but often through multiple suppliers but managed under a standardised procurement process.

Buying energy in Europe: Focus on pan-European procurement

As EU energy markets integrate, multinationals will be able to standardise the way in which they buy energy and manage risk.

Energy policy in Europe ranges from fully liberalised markets such as in Germany or the UK to a single dominant supplier, such as EdF in France.

The European Union has been publishing liberalisation directives and increasing regulation since 1996. Competition is still low, however, with little cross border trade, barriers to entry for new firms, high prices and limited choice.

Despite limited integration between markets and the lack of unified terms and conditions, organisations looking to optimise their portfolios can benefit from choosing supply contract and rate structures that fit with their strategic objectives, enabling cost reductions through effective procurement as well as reducing costs through energy efficiency measures.

We help companies obtain three key benefits from an integrated European procurement service.

  1. Lowering the management costs involved in administering and trading a number of energy contracts.
  2. Standardising procurement and risk management strategy across markets and geographies
  3. Improving overall control and reporting across the energy portfolio of a multinational firm.

Our services are completely independent of all suppliers.