Daytime exterior view of a BMW landfill gas plant with piping in the foreground

Industrial Processes

Industrial and manufacturing processes are typically fairly complex, certainly from an energy perspective. Motors, drives, pumps, steam, storage tanks, holding tanks, cooling, processing, conveyors, hoppers, humidity controls, transport fuel, actuators, compressed air, drying, freezing, lighting, air handling, ducting… the opportunities for energy savings can only be understood by taking a systems view and looking out how the processes and sub-process operate together.

Achieving step change at the system level

Industrial operations provide multiple opportunities for energy efficiency and carbon reduction when the entire system is considered.

The priorities for the site will be to improve the quality and throughput of these processes, the business core activity with energy use frequently considered a secondary factor. However, as energy prices rise, as carbon targets get harder to hit, as sustainability gains more prominence, the energy used to drive these processes gains more and more importance as it is directly proportional to profit.

The good news is that, as the complexity increases, the opportunities for efficiencies also increase. A fresh set of eyes looking at the process, in whole and in part, and with the specific perspective of energy to can reveal new and interesting energy efficiency opportunities available to the site. A more in-depth discovery and analysis is when this is done as part of a Kaizen workshop engaging multiple departments.

At Ameresco we have chemical and mechanical process and energy engineers who have decades of experience across multiple industries and technologies, able to transplant best practice and lessons learned into your site. This enables you to concentrate on what you do best, and leave the energy optimisation to the experts.

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