Daytime view of a cogeneration plant with piping in the foreground

CHPQA Reporting

Is your organization getting the full benefit of your Combined Heat & Power units? Are you claiming all relevant tax exemptions?

It is easy to ignore the regulatory requirements of the Combined Heat & Power Quality Assurance (CHPQA) scheme, but mismanagement will quickly reduce your CCL-relief, negate any ROC and RHI benefits and ultimately lead to non-compliances, tax underpayments and retrospective fines.

Get credit for cogeneration

Support for CHPQA compliance from a company that leads in CHP development and operation.

Ameresco has a deep-rooted understanding of the CHPQA-scheme as we do not simply support clients with CHPQA management, we also design, integrate and install various sizes of CHP from 500kW up to 20MW. Combining technical engineering expertise with regulatory knowledge, Ameresco is in an ideal position to support you with the CHPQA, and maximise the benefits it has to offer.

Good quality* CHP allows you to claim, even retrospectively, Enhanced Capital Allowances in the UK as a write-down of the Tax of the capital install cost, estimated to be approximately 6% of the total Capex.

The fuel costs of the CHP can be reduced also as fuel supplied to a good quality CHP is wholly exempt from CCL, regardless of any CCA you have in place. Again, this needs to be managed in your billing.

Incentive schemes around renewable fuel CHP’s also require good quality CHP to be proven in order to extract the full incentive, and again, Ameresco has experience completing and complying with these mechanisms to ensure you extract the full value from your investment.

As with out other Regulatory Affairs and Compliance services, we can tailor our service offer around your specific needs. We can offer a fully managed service where we tackle all things CHPQA or, alternatively, we can deal with specific aspects of the CHPQA compliance cycle, ranging from application, to metering & calibration to the annual self-assessment.

*QI Index of over 105 is required, but there are multiple ways of meeting this figure, and even CHP’s under this figure retain a right to a portion of the benefits.