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Water Supply Services

Ameresco helps industrial and commercial consumers in England, Scotland and Wales to reduce their water supply costs through competitive procurement, better water data management and innovative water efficiency services.

Change your water supplier

Switch your water supply services to Ameresco for potential savings, improved infrastructure and lower administrative costs.

All customers can switch water suppliers from April 2017

From April 2017, over 1.5 million non-domestic customers in the UK will be able to switch their water supplier and save money.

Around 26,000 customers that use over five mega litres of water a year can already switch suppliers in England. The Water Act 2014 will allow customers, regardless of size, to change their water supplier from April 2017.

You could make savings of up to 20% by switching suppliers

In Scotland, where there has been a competitive market since 2008, around 45,000 customers or 50% of the market have switched water suppliers to get a better deal and saved up to 20% on their water costs.

The selected supplier will bill you for water and wastewater, take payments, read meters and handle customer service calls.

You could also save on administration costs and improve your water infrastructure

In addition to making savings on water costs, you can reduce administrative costs by selecting a single supplier for water and wastewater.

You will also be able to select suppliers that can offer specific benefits such as:

  • negotiating different payment structures
  • incorporating smart metering and automatic meter reading (AMR) into the supply contract
  • getting advice on water efficiency and infrastructure upgrades
  • mapping your water and sewerage network to improve maintenance procedures

Get your portfolio audited and be ready to switch before the deadline

The changes set out in the water act 2014 were the biggest shakeup of the water industry since privatisation in 1989.

The electricity and gas markets went through a similar period of turbulence from 1999 to 2003 where suppliers introduced new systems and processes, customers experienced a raft of problems and their cost base turned increasingly volatile.

This is why we work only with Tier 1 suppliers who have the proven capability to provide services to our portfolio of high-value industrial and commercial customers. We also handle any issues on behalf of our clients, with experienced team taking on the task of managing the issue through to resolution.

You can also avoid problems by carrying out an audit of your existing water portfolio. We start this by making sure all your water bills are collected and analysed, including an assessment of where you are charged by a landlord.

By doing this we can identify if you have been overcharged and recover costs for you. If it looks like you have been undercharged, we quantify the amount so that you can budget for an invoice.

Contact us now for a free desktop assessment of your water bills to calculate the savings you could receive.