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Site Services

Delays in getting utility connections for statutory services such as electricity, gas and water can significantly increase costs for property developers, construction firms and industrial users. This can cause:

  • Difficulties with pricing the risk associated with providing utility connections
  • Delays in commissioning facilities
  • Increases in unforeseen costs
  • Weaker margins

Connecting, upgrading and disconnecting sites

Ameresco works with developers to provide temporary and permanent connections for gas and electricity.

Today’s construction projects are highly complex and challenging from a number of perspectives. A failure to get statutory services on-site can have disastrous consequences on costs and delivery timescales.

The issues faced in diverting, isolating, connecting and energising utilities are varied and wide-ranging.

Ameresco has a unique range of services and experience that can assist clients from refining bid price submissions, to dedicated project management of all utility site works (including the negotiation of related gas and electricity supply and metering contracts).

We have close multi-level working relationships at each of the relevant Host Utility companies and with their primary sub-contractors in order to ensure we receive appropriate responses to all our requests.

In addition, we have forged operational partnerships with a select group of utility providers who are prepared to work with us to a “Customer 1st” ethos.

Typically, we are able to procure firm pricing and agreed power-on dates often several weeks sooner and, at prices of around 15% to 20% lower than the incumbent supplier.