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Strategic Consulting

Ameresco works with Company Boards to create simple, clearly articulated and easily understood strategies that suit their business risk profile and can then be implemented quickly and consistently.

Supplier relationships built up over decades in the utility industry coupled with truly dedicated resources having the requisite skills, knowledge and systems allows us to deliver a niche expert service that is almost impossible to replicate within any single company where energy is simply another item on the agenda rather than its core focus.

Energy management strategy

Effective and reliable energy strategy, governance and policy tools to manage your energy needs.

Strategy and Policy

Higher prices and increased levels of volatility are standard features of energy markets as both world news events and speculator driven activity increasingly influence future prices. A good understanding of these underlying factors is now essential to interpreting price movements and trends in making critical process, procurement and trading decisions as the financial impact of purchasing at the wrong time, for inappropriate forward time durations can prove to be very costly.

Ameresco’s portfolio management approach, based on assessments of fundamental value and capital markets, technical analysis, decision making tools, probability modelling and strict trading disciplines and processes has delivered tremendous benefits to its clients, especially by protecting them from price rises during the worst of the credit crunch.

Energy Risk Management

Ameresco’s award winning energy risk management services are tailored to each client and a decision risk strategy is selected through discussions and a thorough evaluation of your risk appetite and performance measures. The portfolio is then managed by professional energy risk managers within a robust compliance framework of policies, procedures and controls. The objective of our service is to provide long term management decision making support to meet the financial, commercial and managerial needs of your organisation.

Energy Procurement

We offer a comprehensive end-to-end energy purchasing and procurement service for industrial and commercial customers, working closely with in-house procurement teams to provide the technical and specialist capability needed to achieve their strategic objectives. Utilities covered by our service include gas, electricity and water.

European Procurement

Ameresco’s energy procurement service in Europe supports multinationals that face higher energy and carbon costs as European energy markets integrate and liberalise. We help companies put in place pan-European contracts, ideally with a single supplier but often through multiple suppliers but managed under a standardised procurement process.

Site Services

Delays in getting utility connections for statutory services such as electricity, gas and water can significantly increase costs for property developers, construction firms and industrial users. Ameresco has a unique range of services and experience that can assist clients from refining bid price submissions, to dedicated project management of all utility site works.