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Portfolio Management

We help companies manage large property portfolios better

Ameresco helps organisations with large property portfolios manage the process of selecting sites with good electricity and gas connections, move into and out of premises without incurring penalties and overpayments, switch suppliers and collect and store energy management data and information.

One place for all your energy data

Ameresco helps you manage large property portfolios using specialist systems, designed to manage utility data and invoices, that are operated by trained professionals

Our experienced staff make the process of switching suppliers and changing tenancy easy and straightforward.

The process of changing contract, supplier or moving premises can create a number of problems for customers that result in increased costs if not quickly identified and rectified by the supplier. For example:

  • Failing to inform a supplier that you have moved into a property can result in a deemed contract rate being applied on your energy bill.
  • The supplier refuses to backdate a contract although you informed them of the date you vacated as there is no email to prove it.
  • The supplier keeps billing you for a property that you have vacated.
  • Due to a change in the electrical configuration, you are being billed for a site that does not belong to you.
  • The supplier raises an objection to your move to a new supplier.

Our customer service teams will manage the entire process to resolve such problems for you, from speaking with the supplier to inform them of the site details, the date when it will be vacated or occupied and arrange contract and cost details.

Our database systems collect and store energy data in one place

We use specialist systems such as AXIS® and SystemsLink to store energy management data for your property portfolio. Typically these include:

  • Meter Point Administration Numbers (MPANs) for electricity and Meter Point References (MPRs) for gas
  • Meter Serial Numbers
  • Site electrical data such as kVA and voltage levels
  • Metering data: manually read meters or electronic half hourly data
  • Invoice data

You can quickly access years of historic consumption and cost data from us, giving you the ability to analyse your site’s usage and cost over time and accurately measure the impact of your energy efficiency programmes. In addition, having all your energy data in one place makes it easier to comply with your reporting obligations under the CRC-EES and ESOS.

We have developed specialist systems to manage customer queries with suppliers and manage them to resolution

Resolving such problems can take a long time and require several discussions with the supplier, and include arranging site visits and specialist surveys.

Our bespoke systems help our customer account managers maintain a detailed record of our discussions and are vital in proving that we have followed the right processes and procedures when managing a negotiation process with a supplier.