Two engineers examine equipment in a central heating and cooling plant

ESOS Studies and Implementation

Since the inception of the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS), over 6,000 organisations have successfully carried out audits of their buildings, processes and transport. According to the Environment Agency, a business can reduce its annual energy costs by 20% or more through improved energy efficiency and energy management. Ameresco has identified opportunities to save energy and reduce costs for many of those organisations.

Implementing effective energy savings projects identified in these audits will reduce operating costs and allow benefits to flow directly through to the bottom line. Implementing energy savings projects also raises awareness within the company of the importance of using resources efficiently, engages employees in energy efficiency and contributes to the organisation’s corporate sustainability objectives.

It is important to work with a partner that has the experience, capability and resources to effectively deliver energy savings projects. Ameresco is one of the largest independent energy services companies in the US and UK and develops, designs, engineers and installs projects that improve the efficiency of major building systems such as heating, ventilation, air conditioning and lighting. We have completed over $4 billion of energy efficiency projects for customers worldwide across sectors including universities, hospitals, schools, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, aggregates, supermarkets, retailers, offices, buildings, food and drink manufacturers and the public sector.  We have also assisted to secure financing for more than $2.5 billion for our customers’ projects.

To take your ESOS projects forward, the environment agency suggests that organisations break projects down into individual steps and develop a structured delivery plan with clear tasks, timelines and project milestones. In addition, organisations need to involve colleagues and stakeholders at each stage to build consensus, spread understanding of the benefits and build confidence that the project will deliver guaranteed savings which will be measured, verified and communicated. Ameresco’s measurement and verification specialists can help you implement a plan to ensure that the savings delivered by the project are in line with your business case.

Contact Ameresco now to discuss implementing the projects identified through your ESOS audits. We can support you in a number of ways, from providing independent advice and specialist services to full-scale implementation of your projects.