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Historical Invoice Validation

Ameresco’s historical invoice validation and utility cost recovery services helps companies claim back overpayments, and identify and reduce the financial impact of incorrect billing by energy and utility service providers, improving cashflow and revenue management.

Audit energy invoices going back up to 6 years

Recover overpayments and incorrect charges from electricity, gas and water suppliers.

An accurate retroaudit of your energy bills can not only recover costs but also alert you to underpayments, helping you keep accrue for potential bills from the supplier seeking to charge you for any shortfall.

We only require a letter of authority and sample invoices to begin our work and our expert analysts will carry out:

  • A line by line audit of your historic utility invoices,
  • An in depth validation of complex, regionally dependent distribution and transmission charges,
  • Reconstruct each charge element from source data using historical rates and
  • Identify anomalies, estimation errors, incorrect tariffs, omissions, consumption and leakage and allowances under schemes such as CCAs.

Our services cover electricity, gas and water invoices and go back up to 6 years. We use specialist databases and software designed for utility bill auditing to analyse past invoices and look for savings.

The service is provided on a no-obligation basis and, once we have identified savings, our experienced administrators will manage the entire process of liaising with the supplier, ensuring that the savings are validated and a credit note issued.

We aim to complete the entire audit within eight weeks and you will only be charged by us once a refund has been issued to you.