Interior view of a lab, showing the arm of a person in a lab coat and latex gloves lifting a beaker with blue liquid inside


With energy use contributing up to 20% of the cost of goods in the pharmaceutical sector, saving energy across the value chain is a key aspect of maintaining competitiveness in this fast moving industry. Many pharmaceutical companies are also leading the way on carbon emissions reductions with ambitious short to long term targets.

The prescription for stronger profit

Controlling energy consumption and carbon emissions can control operating expenses.

As well as cost and emissions savings, energy savings project carried out in the pharmaceutical sector by Ameresco also contribute to a continuous, secure supply of both electricity and heat. This is essential for any pharmaceutical plant, for whom the cost of shutdowns and brownouts is often high.

Ameresco can help plants generate demand-side revenue from new and existing standby generation assets. Coupled with smart procurement, this revenue can frequently be the enabler for investment grade studies which, in turn, unlock ESPC projects.

The nature of pharmaceutical plants makes them extremely attractive for energy saving projects. Many are on sites with significant available space which could be used for on-site generation (e.g. Combined Heat and Power (gas, biomass or biogas),roof or ground mounted solar panels, onsite wind turbines). The complex interdependencies in a plant mean that Ameresco’s unique approach, taking time to truly understand the process and how energy is used to drive that process, leads to highly effective delivery of energy savings projects that also drive improvements in process visibility, process control and increased throughput.