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Invoice Management and Payment Solutions

Falling customer service levels at utility suppliers has resulted in a significant number of customers receiving incorrect invoices and potentially being overcharged. Bills that are produced are often complex and frequently withdrawn and reissued.

Without detailed knowledge of how supply prices are constructed and a clear audit trail it is impossible to determine whether the bills received do in fact accurately reflect the contract clients have signed and are based on correct consumption data. Ameresco’s service proposition is designed to minimise the workload of its clients and ensure that they only pay for utility services according to the contractual terms agreed to with their supplier.

Making sure customers are not over charged

Ameresco provides a full bill validation service using specially developed software and experienced billing support staff to recover overcharges and errors going back up to six years.

Portfolio Management

Ameresco helps organisations with large property portfolios manage the process of selecting sites with good electricity and gas connections, move into and out of premises without incurring penalties and overpayments, switch suppliers and collect and store energy management data and information.

Invoice Validation

Ameresco AXIS® Invoice Validation enables large energy users, including commercial and industrial companies, government offices and institutions to streamline the process of energy and utility invoice validation, providing assurance that they are making the right payments and ensuring that any errors are quickly resolved and credited.

Historical Invoice Validation

Ameresco’s historical invoice validation and utility cost recovery services help companies claim back overpayments, and identify and reduce the financial impact of incorrect billing by energy and utility service providers, improving cashflow and revenue management.

Change of Tenancy/Occupancy

Ameresco’s Change of Tenancy (COT) and Change of Occupancy (COO) processes help companies make sure a supply contract is in place before they move into a site, and that it is correctly terminated when they leave the site.