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EU ETS Management

It is easy to get lost in the complexities of the EU ETS. Dozens of Guidance Documents, ever changing rules and regulations, policy uncertainty surrounding Benchmarking and the Market Stability Reserve and a highly volatile EUA price.

Expert compliance advice

Meeting carbon reduction goals is simpler with experienced professionals on your side.

At Ameresco, we have a dedicated Regulatory Affairs and Compliance team dealing with all things EU ETS.

Our service offer is tailored to our client’s needs, but in general we support our clients on all parts of the compliance cycle.

  • Data collation / emission calculations
  • Attendance at verifier audits
  • Evidence Pack drafting – to be submitted to verifier
  • Verified recommended improvement reports
  • Annual emission report / verified opinion statements
  • Submissions within ETSWAP

Additionally, we support clients with one off tasks / ad hoc issues, such as

  • Drafting of Site Operating Procedures / Monitoring and Reporting Plan
  • Advise on metering and calibration requirements
  • Manage permit variations due to changes in eg equipment or activity levels
  • Manage process of application to New Entrant Reserve
  • Track CO2 emissions, per site, and monitor free allowances against predictions
  • Advise on EUA regulatory changes and market movements