Interior view of a compressed air system at an Eastman Chemical plant


Continually improving competitiveness is vital for the success of every company, and this can only be achieved by the relentless pursuit of year-on-year incremental improvements in innovation and all forms of productivity. Energy forms a large part of this equation, for the Chemical industry especially: Chemical process industries are categorised as ‘energy-intensive users’ which is to say, even their smaller chemical sites will have an energy spend of a magnitude comparable to some of the largest sites of virtually any other industry.

A formula for cost reductions

Improved efficiency is a competitive necessity in this energy intensive sector.

While many manufacturing companies have achieved between 10 to 15% efficiency gains over the last decade, the leading companies have achieved over 50% improvement in the same time period. The Chemical industry is no different, and these leading companies have done it by investing, and attracting external investment, into their own operations and in the operations of their supply chains.

Has your company managed a 50% reduction? If not, how will this impact the competitiveness of your business going forward? With rising energy prices set against a backdrop of an increasingly competitive market, the 5-8% of turnover that energy represents is an opportunity burning a hole in your balance sheet.

Opportunities for energy projects within the chemical and process industries are rife. Heat recovery, redundant processes, process optimisation, onsite generation…the often continuous production aspect of most chemical sites means there are a host of large and small projects waiting to be investigated which can yield significant financial savings.

Ameresco has the engineering and process expertise to help you find and leverage these opportunities, to fund and install the solutions, and to immediately begin reducing your exposure to commodity price risk. By taking a longer term view, Ameresco can help invest in the energy infrastructure of your site and help realise benefits from projects which otherwise wouldn’t make the cut. Call Ameresco today to see what trapped potential we can help to unlock in your site.