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Energy Analytics and Benchmarking

The UK electricity markets now experience greater price volatility than at any time since the industry was privatized in 1990.

Purchasing at the wrong time, for an inappropriate time duration or with a supplier who cannot deliver on its service promises can have disastrous consequences.

Data driven decision making for energy contracts

Ameresco monitors energy markets across a range of commodities daily, providing procurement teams and senior decision makers with the up-to-date market intelligence they need to make crucial decisions.

Our detailed knowledge of supplier’s capabilities and how they construct their prices, combined with our understanding of the wholesale energy markets means we can offer independent, unbiased and experienced support to even the most sophisticated energy purchasers.

Ameresco can help you to:

  • Determine what to buy and when to buy it: the timing and duration of purchases are critical
  • Construct Contract Structures that mirror your business operations
  • Undertake complete Supplier Relationship Management from supplier selection through day-to-day operation

We are able to provide structured forward purchases utilising an array of supporting bespoke products and services that are helping clients to:

  • Buy smarter without creating greater levels of price uncertainty
  • Reduce their overall energy usage without impacting operational performance

Our energy procurement service is comprehensive, combining the rigour of traditional tendering procedures with bespoke systems analysis to respond instantly to changing market conditions and is backed by our own unparalleled market intelligence and relevant industry experience.

How can you measure and monitor market risk?

Ameresco operates a spectrum of analytical methods to analyse and value energy markets and create decision support tools to manage energy portfolios.

Screenshot of chart showing changes in energy prices over time

Fundamental analysis

Ameresco’s research team analyses market prices, data, fundamentals and industry research to model long term price behaviour. This allows us to create enduring frameworks for energy risk management based around achieving “good value” in different market conditions.

Screen shot of chart showing statistical analysis of energy price data over time

Technical Analysis

We carry out a range of statistical analyses on price data in order to reduce the signal to noise ratio in the price time series data and determine which price movements are significant and represent a real trend that justifies action.

Screen shot illustrating trading controls overlayed with energy price data over time

Trading controls

Our risk management teams place trades under agreed controls, such as floating caps, as shown in the figure, fixed caps or mixed approaches that have a fixed stop loss and floating statistically generated triggers that are reviewed and adjusted periodically.

ESP’s sophisticated decision support systems and rule based transaction controls help our clients manage complex portfolios to achieve long term value.

Market research

We issue all clients with a Daily and Monthly Market Reports and create bespoke Briefing Notes at times of exceptional market activity or during contract negotiating periods.

How do you know if your electricity or gas contract is good value for money?

The ability to check the relative competitive position of negotiations concluded by clients has become increasingly important in the current business environment.

However, very few truly independent, verifiable sources of reliable data are available to make these comparisons.

Our experienced consultants, backed by our extensive databases of wholesale gas and electricity prices, are able to independently verify whether you are making optimal purchasing decisions.

Our process is fully auditable, based on publicly available data sources and has enabled a wide variety of businesses across the UK evaluate whether their existing advisors (internal or external to the organisation) are delivering value for money services.