Interior view of a supermarket focused on rrefrigerator cases


Supermarkets use energy in a variety of ways to ensure that both food and non-food products are maintained at the best possible quality, displayed in the most appealing way and are available to customers in the most comfortable of shopping environments. This often results in different levels of lighting, heating and cooling requirements necessary for, and specific to, different products and areas of the store to ensure the sales opportunity is always optimised. With energy price fluctuations it’s clear that this comes at a significant cost and, with the variety of ways energy is used in the supermarket environment, the task of reducing costs whilst always improving the customer experience if often considered a complex and daunting task.

Better value every day

Taming high energy intensity equipment can deliver measurable benefits.

At Ameresco, we have been working with the leading UK supermarket retailers for many years, helping to guide them through the complex use of energy within their stores, identifying opportunities to reduce energy consumption though optimising current plant, installing new technology or recycling energy previously wasted.This provides the cost savings required to remain competitive, often while simultaneously helping to improve the utilities infrastructure and most importantly the customer experience.

No matter what the age of estate, the technologies incorporated, the distribution of utilities or even if you share your facilities, at Ameresco have the experience and knowledge to review your energy usage and operation, and to provide fully implemented cost effective solutions to meet your investment requirements.