Datyime exterior view of a man using a laptop silhouetted against a field of solar panels

Solar PV

Solar PV is the fastest growing renewable sector in the UK. According to DECC, the total solar capacity in the UK is over 5,200 MW, and increased by over 88% in 2014 alone.

There are many advantages to installing solar PV in your business or organisation. A solar PV system will reduce your energy demand, earn revenue through the government’s feed-in tariff, mitigate against future electricity cost rises and help demonstrate your green credentials.

Harness the United Kingdom’s top renewable energy technology

Solar power is growing faster than all other renewables, and anyone with the right roof or open land can join the expansion.

By building on unused rooftop space, or on open land, you may be able to generate all of your electricity needs through solar power.We work closely with equipment suppliers worldwide to provide the very best components to provide cost effective solutions to our customers.

Our engineers will work with you from feasibility, design, grid connection, mounting options, installation, commissioning and maintenance.

Ameresco offers Solar Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) arrangements and complete design, build own and maintain services, allowing building and land owners to go solar without up-front investments or additional expenses.