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Strategy and Policy

Higher prices and increased levels of volatility are standard features of energy markets as both world news events and speculator driven activity increasingly influence future prices. A good understanding of these underlying factors is now essential to interpreting price movements and trends in making critical process, procurement and trading decisions as the financial impact of purchasing at the wrong time, for inappropriate forward time durations can prove to be very costly.

Energy management strategy

Effective and reliable energy strategy, governance and policy tools to manage your energy needs.

Ameresco’s portfolio management approach, based on assessments of fundamental value and capital markets, technical analysis, decision making tools, probability modelling and trading disciplines and processes has delivered tremendous benefits to its clients, especially by protecting them from price rises during the worst of the credit crunch.

Ameresco works with Board and Energy Committee members to plan and create strategies that are:

  • Simple,
  • Clearly articulated and
  • Easily understood.

We only recommend strategies that suit our clients’ business risk profile and can be implemented quickly and consistently.

Organisations can achieve significant reductions in energy consumption and cost by having a clear strategy that complies with regulatory frameworks and is supported by good governance, procedure and policy measures.

We have a unique combination of energy industry and trading disciplines developed at Yorkshire Electricity, Gaz de France, Scottish Power, BP and Ernst & Young. The management team has worked with leading energy suppliers, regulators and blue chips boards, and has the experience and ability to contribute to long term strategy, not just short term transaction support.

Ameresco has diverse and highly talented resources across a number of disciplines from engineering, treasury and capital markets, energytrading, customer service and IT services. Supplier relationships built up over decades in the utility industry coupled with dedicated, knowledgeable resources allows us to deliver an expert service that is almost impossible to replicate within a company where energy is simply another item on the agenda rather than its core focus.