Daytime view of emissions leaving a smoke stack under a blue sky

CCA and CCL Management

Climate Change Levy is a UK tax imposed upon Fuel and Electricity relative to the carbon equivalent emitted during the Electricity’s production and the Fuels consumption – at the moment it’s about £18/teCO2e. Each industry lobby has argued for and won certain exemptions to the Levy for their members, to support the industry and avoid ‘Carbon Leakage’ which is the practice known as shifting the emissions to other parts of the world. However, in order to retain these exemptions, which can be significantly financially rewarding, the members of these industry lobbies must adhere to specified targets for reductions, in terms of energy and emissions, as part of a Climate Change Agreement or CCA.

On target advice for every sector

Meet the specific CCL targets for your industry with the help of an experienced advisor.

Are you struggling to adhere to your industry mandated targets? Are you in danger of dropping out and getting a hefty CCL bill next year? Ameresco can help.

Not only can we manage your CCA compliance and remove this administrative burden from you, we can also help you to determine more effective strategies of meeting your commitments under the CCA, be they efficiency projects or decentralised energy projects. Often the financial risk of dropping out of the CCA is enough to warrant the investment in some of these projects alone, quite besides the energy and costs savings they will provide to your organisation on top.

Ameresco will ensure your organisation’s compliance with your CCA for years to come, and therefore your exemption from financially damaging CCL, and the energy and utility cost savings of the projects we will implement will ensure your operational costs will reduce also, making you more competitive and more secure.